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Monday, October 22nd
Detroit Lions
Sunday, November 11th
Houston Texans

We offer a unique service that is geared towards the out-of-town fan that doesn’t want to deal with bringing all their Tailgating gear on the road. 
Our packages were originally for just out-of-town fans.  However, over the years we started getting more and more people from Chicago and the suburbs.  Some of our regulars used to Tailgate on their own, but found using our service cheaper and easier than doing it themselves!
Our parties range anywhere from 25 – 125 people.  Our biggest party was over 300!
We have had fans join us from over 30 different states and 7 different countries. 
We let all kind of weirdos join our Tailgate Parties.  Our group is a bunch of friendly guys that love football.  We actually enjoy when fans from opposing teams join us to give us a different perspective on the team we are about to beat.  Just bring a good sense of humor and you will be fine!
If you are comfortable bringing your kids to a NFL Football game, you can be very comfortable bringing your kid(s) to one of our parties.  You may hear an occasional curse word, and there is alcohol around - - - but it won’t be anything worse than what you will experience inside the stadium.  Please let me know if children will be joining you.  Kids 12 and under are free (we encourage starting them young).  Kids 13-20 are half price (because they can’t drink alcohol).  I have two kids of my own, so it is simple for me to bring some “kid friendly” snacks, drinks and food. 
The menu may vary from week to week.  However, we typically have a veggie tray, meat & cheese tray, a variety of nuts, candy, nachos & salsa, chips & dips and other tailgating essentials.  For beverages we offer water, soda, several types of beer, some spirits and mixers.  On the grill we try to have 3-4 different Meat options.  Our most famous items are the Chicago Style Hot Dogs, Portillo’s Beef Sandwiches, Polish Kielbasa and my world famous Pub Burgers. 
Payments are explained and can be made HERE
People that have tailgated with us before ask why I don’t charge more! 
One of the most important things I tell people is that we do NOT do this to make money.  Every penny we take in is spent on Tailgating food, beverages, supplies and gear. 
Anyone that has hosted any size tailgate party knows that it is difficult to keep the expenses under $20-$25 per person. 
One of the reasons I am only hosting four games this year is because of the amount of time it takes to prepare and host each of these parties.  I have seen the Bears play in 31 different stadiums and our group tries to make 1-2 Road Trips per season.  We know first hand how difficult it is to Tailgate on the Road.  We really enjoy meeting Bear and NFL fans from all over the world and helping out any way we can.
* This website replaces the information packets I’ve sent out in the past.
* We will be switching from bottled beer to cans this year.  Cans take up less space, cans are safer than glass, cans are typically cheaper and it will be easier for us to recycle the  cans.
*  Everyone at our parties will be required to wear a wristband (that we will provide).  This is to keep anyone that hasn’t paid from “crashing” your party. 
Nobody at our parties who is under the age of 21 can drink alcohol.  Even though this isn’t a business, we will follow simple “bar rules.”  You must have an i.d. with you while at the tailgate party.  You may not drink alcohol if you are under 21 (even if you brought your own - - even if someone else provided it to you - - even if an adult or guardian is with you).  Unlike a bar, you will be getting/making your own drinks.  We have never had any problems in the past, but we will have the right to cut someone off who had too much.  We also will have the right to ask someone to leave the party if they aren’t acting appropriately.  Finally, we are assuming that you will NOT be driving for at least 4 hours after the Tailgate Party ends.  It is your responsibility to have a designated driver, not drink inside the stadium, call a cab or whatever else is necessary to not drive drunk. 
Tailgating is filled with potential dangers (hot coals, smoke, glass, uneven & loose surfaces, footballs & corn hole bags flying in the air, etc., etc….).  We do everything we can to keep our parties as safe as possible.
Are you kidding me?  We have tailgated in everything from Extreme Heat to Sub-Zero Wind chills.  Rain, sleet, snow, hail, blizzards, wind, fog or anything else Mother Nature can throw at us will NEVER keep us from Tailgating!!!   Since all of the money we take in is spent on the party, there will be no refunds if your sissy-ass can’t take a little Bear Weather. 
Payment is required/preferred at least 1 week in advance.  A full refund will be given if you cancel anytime prior to a week before gameday.  My meat orders are typically placed on the Monday before the game (that is the reason for an additional charge for late reservations).  If something comes up the week of the game, I may be able to do a partial refund.  Any cancellations on Friday, Saturday or Gameday will not receive a refund.
There are some porta-potties available in the parking lot we Tailgate in.  There is also an indoor (cleaner) public restroom nearby (about a 5-10 minute walk).
I can get from my car, to the stadium, through the ticket lines, to the restroom, to the beer vendor and in my seat in 25 minutes.  If this is your first time to Soldier Field, I would recommend at least doubling the amount of time.  This will allow you time to tour the stadium, hit the gift shop, find your seats, etc….
The walk from the party to the stadium (and back) is pretty long.  We call it a two beer walk - - because you can drink approx. two beers in the time it takes you to get to the area where open alcohol is not longer allowed. 
My 70 year old dad can handle the walk, but it could be tough for anyone with any type of  handicap.  There is a shuttle bus available to cut the walking distance in half.  However, the lines for the bus can get pretty long (especially as kickoff gets closer AND after the game is over).
Yes!  (If you are a polar bear or penguin) 
Even though the term “ Windy City ” was started for political reasons…… the City of Chicago is also known for being Windy.  It also common for temperatures to change rapidly and rain, snow or fog to appear quickly on an otherwise sunny day.  My recommendation is to bring several extra layers (even if you don’t think they are needed). 
If this is your first time to Chicago , be sure to check out my recommendations on what to do while in Chicago .  Where to eat, where to hang out, where to shop, etc….
There is a lot of great information about the stadium at under the Tickets & Stadium bar.  I encourage everyone to read everything inside the Gameday at Soldier Field section, the Chicago Bears Fan Guide and the Soldier Field A-Z Guide. 
Our Tailgate set-up is approx. 1 mile South of the stadium.  Unfortunately, the majority of the hotels are North of the stadium.  The closest hotel to the Tailgate Party is the Hyatt McCormick Regency.  It is a nice hotel, but they really jack-up their prices around gamedays.  The next closest hotels are (in order of distance from the stadium):
Best Western, Essex Inn (the only Hotel to offer tickets), Hilton, Travelodge, Congress Plaza, Hotel Blake, The Buckingham, Athletic Club, Palmer House, Club Quarters, Hampton Inn, W, Hotel Burnham, Fairmont, Hard Rock Hotel, Hotel Monaco, Hotel Allegro, Hotel 71, Renaissance, Swissotel, Sheraton, Westin, Hotel Sax, Amalfi, Courtyard by Marriot, Embassy Suites, Conrad, Homewood Suites, The James, Fairfield Inn, Red Roof Inn, Wyndham, Omni, Radisson, Allerton, Affinia, Howard Johnson, Seneca, Tremont, Sofitel, Raffaello, The Drake, Ruby Room, Days Inn.  Each of these hotels are within 5 miles of the stadium. 
This will be covered in greater detail in the Maps Section.
If you are staying in a hotel downtown, I recommend taking a cab to the Tailgate Party (even if you have a rental car).  It could take you an hour or more to get from the stadium, to your car and to a hotel downtown after the game!  It is very difficult to catch a cab after the games as well (and they can get expensive as you sit in traffic).  Most hotels are located within a mile of the stadium.  The best thing to do is take a cab to the tailgate and then walk from the stadium to your hotel (if it is close enough). 
If you don’t already have tickets, you will not find them for face value.  Unfortunately, you will have to take your chances on eBay, &/or any of the ticket broker websites.  Just be careful out there……a lot of scammers! 
Nothing!  We take care of everything. 
A simple checklist to keep in mind:
___ Game Tickets
___ Cash for Parking
___ Cash (or credit card) for souvenirs &   concessions
___ Extra clothes, rain jacket, etc… (if necessary)
___ Binoculars
___ Camera
___ Map to the tailgate party
___ My gameday cell phone number
The only games available this season are Kansas City , Dallas , Denver and New York .
We will also be hosting Tailgate Parties before any/all playoff games.
We start between 5:30 & 6:00 a.m. .  The first hour or so is to reserve our space(s), set-up, food prep, etc…  Most people arrive 4-6 hours before kickoff.  If you plan on parking in our lot, plan on getting there very early!  If this is your first time to Soldier Field, we recommend leaving for the stadium at least 1 hour before kickoff.  We usually start breaking down camp about 90 minutes before kickoff. 




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