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The Fork You Tailgating Club was created in 1997, when Bill, Dennis & Ron began tailgating together before Bear home games.  Together we have 50 years of Tailgating experience.  What makes the Fork You Tailgating Club (F.U.T.C.) unique is our continual growth in membership.  Every game more people join the Club.  Once you have tailgated with are part of the Club!  We aren't sure how many people have joined, but we had close to 1,000 people during the 2006 season!  Our main focus is to provide out-of-town fans and people attending their first Bears game with a place to tailgate.  Everyone has heard of All Inclusive Vacation Packages.  Basically, we offer All Inclusive Tailgating Parties.  All you need to do is show up........and we take care of everything else!!!
Founding Members: Ron, Bill & Dennis
Charter Members: Renee, Karin, Tom, Kevin, Jon and Dan
Dennis was first exposed to Tailgating when he was just 7 years old in 1978.  Since then, he has seen the Bears play in 26 different stadiums, made it through 8 of the 10 coldest games in Soldier Field history and was in attendance at the Fog Bowl and the Halloween Night Monsoon Bowl.  Dennis (a.k.a. Denrod, urlacher2000, u2k) decided to offer these Tailgating Packages after becoming  fed up with the hassles of bringing all our gear on road trips.  He has also been appreciative of all the great people they have met on the road that were hospitable and accommodating to them.  Even fans from opposing teams have been willing to share that favorite recipe, let us borrow something that was forgotten, allowed us to use some grill space and talk football.  He figured that the F.U.T.C. could help out we had been helped out over the years.  Dennis' favorite part of Tailgating is cooking, meeting new fans every week, making sure everyone has a good time & gets enough to eat.  He also likes to burn stuff!  Dennis' favorite road trips were to Old Mile High stadium in Denver (2nd coldest November game in Broncos history and New Mile High stadium in Denver (Coldest November game in Broncos history) - - and both were Bear wins!  Other favorites include a Thanksgiving win at Detroit in 1993, a win over the Tenneessee Oilers (before they were the Titans) in Vanderbilt Stadium (before their new stadium) and the Monday Night Miracle Comeback at Arizona last season.  Dennis' all time favorite Tailgate Party was before the playoff loss to Philly which was the last game at old Soldier Field.  Dennis has more Fantasy Football Championships than Ron & Bill combined.
Ron is a Bear Fan since birth.  (He is also a closet Raiders fan)  The greatest day of his life was when he became a season ticket holder in 2003.  Ron (a.k.a. Crush) heading into the 2007 season, has a consecutive Soldier Field home game streak of 68 straight games!  Ron has witnessed the Bears play football in 13 different stadiums and even made four trips down to U of I when the Bears played in Champaign for a season.  He enjoyed sitting through 4 of the 5 coldest games in Soldier Field History.  His favorite games were the back-to-back overtime wins against San Fran & Cleveland in 2001.  However, no game ever matched the intensity and electricity in the stadium when the Bears beat the Saints in the NFC Championship game last season.  Ron's favorite road trips include Miami (Super Bowl XLI), Seattle , Dallas (Thanksgiving) and New England .  His favorite tailgates are all of them, but he thinks there will never be a bigger/better party than the Monster Tailgate Party we threw in Miami before the Super Bowl.  Ron takes over the grill when Dennis drinks too much.  He also makes one of our most popular appetizers - - - Caribbean Jerk Chicken.  Ron is a proud Organ & Tissue Donor and his favorite color patterns are Navy Blue & Orange, Silver & Black plus Pink & Chartreuse.
 Bill (a.k.a. Wild Bill or Sammy Hagar) becomes Santa Claus around Halloween and for all the games in December.  He invites all good, and especially bad, little girls to sit on his lap for photos.  He also likes long walks on the beach and dinner by candlelight.  Bill had a streak of 65 consecutive home games at Soldier Field - - - until missing the Packer's game last December (so he could celebrate the New Year in London ).  His current streak now stands at 2.  He loves the start of every new season and will never forget the times when the Tailgate Party was the best part of Gameday.  Bill loves all the road trips because of the Bear fans we meet all over the country.  This includes a Bear fan from Canada  who we met in Seattle .  You could see the passion in this fan's eyes when he started to have tears in his eyes when he found out we were season ticket holders from Chicago .  Bill's favorite road trip was the thrilling win at Tampa where Marty Booker made that phenomenal catch in the endzone while being malachied between Lynch and company.  One of Bill's best memories of old Soldier Field is when Mike Brown's mom came down to our seats during his rookie season to thank us for supporting her son and wearing his jersey.  It was the first Brown jersey she had seen a fan wearing (because it was custom made before he was a star) and she gave us one of his rookie cards.  If Dallas is America 's Team, then Bill feels the Bears are the World's Team w/ the best fans anywhere.  Bill doesn't have a problem with opposing teams fans joining our Tailgate Parties, but he usually hides the lighter fluid from Dennis when they show up.  So far we have only sent one opposing teams fans to the hospital.  It was an accident, but nobody wanted to take him to the emergency room (because it was too close to kickoff!).






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