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Monday, October 22nd
Detroit Lions
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The 2012 tailgating season is finally here!

See the party for yourself, The Food Network filmed part of the Deep Dish Pizza Throwdown between Mark Malnati and Bobby Flay with our Tailgate Party as the backdrop!

Without a player lock-out, the 2012 season has snuck upon us.  Sorry for the delay in updating our schedule.  It's amazing how many e-mails we get from out of town guests that decide which Bear's game they attend..... based on which game(s) we host Tailgate Parties before! 
If you are unfamiliar with The Fork You Tailgating Club, we throw Tailgate Parties for 50 - 150 guests before select Chicago Bears games.  Most of our guests are from out of town &/or are fans from the opposing team.  We have now hosted fans from all 32 teams, 44 different states and 8 different countries.  As always, EVERY dollar we ever collect goes into that week's Tailgate Party.  We have never made a dollar profit.  Many times we even lose money.
Our Tailgate Club has been featured on the WGN News and The Food Network.  (insert the see party for yourself link here)   We have also been seen in many newspapers, magazines and books.  Our most recent publication is in Adam Goldstein's Tailgate to Heaven book. 
Last year was my 35th year Tailgating and our 15th year of The Fork You Tailgating Club.  In 2011, we also surpassed the 5,000 total guests mark!!!  Another highlight of the 2011 season was a fun road-trip Tailgate Party in Denver. 
Our Tailgating Schedule for 2012 will be extremely light.  Earlier this year, my mom lost her battle to Breast Cancer.  We also have two other very sick grandparents in the family.  On a positive note..... I'm a volunteer coach on my son's football team, we are finally doing our family trip to Disney in the Fall and I'm in the final leg of finishing my Bear's Den in the Basement.  Every Tailgate Party we throw takes about 2 weeks to prepare for.  All of these events and activities make throwing large Tailgate Parties very difficult. 
There is a chance we will add a date or two to our schedule (especially if any of the games later in the season are flexed to 3:15 or 7:30 &/or if the Bears are lucky enough to host a home playoff game). 
If you are coming to a Bears game when we are not throwing a party - - - you are still welcome to contact me with questions about the stadium, parking, tailgating, Chicago, tickets, restaurants, hotels or anything else. 
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LET'S GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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